New Patient Information

Please call our office at 305-935-9599 to schedule an appointment.  Be sure to have your health insurance information handy, so we can verify your benefits and eligibility.  If we do not receive this information prior to your appointment, you will be charged full initial office visit pricing.After setting up your appointment time for an initial evaluation, someone from our office will send you an email titled “Patient Activation PIN.” This email will have instructions about how to fill out your medical history forms and create an account with our office. To decrease time during your first visit, please fill out the online forms our PRIOR to your appointment.

Failure to complete all your online forms will increase the duration of your visit and depending on availability of computers in our office, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

If you are coming in for treatment of injuries resulting from an accident (auto accident, slip/fall, worker’s compensation, etc), you may need to sign specific forms that we have at the office which are required by Florida law.

Our new software will expedite your office visit and allow you to have more time with your treating chiropractor or physical therapist. Our virtual office will allow you to update your personal demographics, health information, insurance, etc., as needed. With the PIN you will be provided, you will also be able check progress notes, reports, payments, and so on.

We hope you appreciate and benefit from our upgrades designed to improve your overall experience at USA Sports Therapy.